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Feeding Goat Kids


Feeding babies

You will find as many tables, charts, rations and plans for bottle feeding baby goats on the internet. A basic rule of thumb to go by is 10 to 12 per cent of body weight per day. As an example, if the kid weighs 10 pounds, it should have 1 pound or 16 ounces per day. Divided by three feedings per day, for example, means that the 10 pound kid will get an 5 1/3 ounce bottle three times a day.

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Start to new year – 2013

New Layers for 2013

New Layers for 2013

We picked up our new layers for this year. We are ready for all the beautiful Organic eggs these ladies will produce for us and our friends this year! Read more

It is canning time

Yip it is that time of the year where the garden produce needs to canned for winter consumption.


Installing New Honey Bees

My new bees are here and installed!!!!
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Getting Ready for Honey Bees

We are getting ready to have our bees and have them produce honey for us this year. I place my order for 2 Packages of bees and will be able to pick them up May 5th.
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Newest Member

Last weekend, a new team member arrived. She is a 8 week old red merle Austrialian Shepard puppy.
Her name is Maggie, a working dog and she is here to help our well loved 14 year old Border Collie.
For now we are house-training, but pretty soon we will start training outside.

New Babies Expected

I love spring and the promise of new beginnings, new soft baby chicks and baby guineas (Keats) and a chance to fall in love all over again. New babies do more than just brighten our world, they are a constant reminder that spring brings us joy, hope, promise and purpose.

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Seeds for Spring 2012

Our seed orders for this growing season are starting to come in. With such a mild winter here in northeast PA,  spring planting will hopefully start a little earlier this year. I can hardly wait to start planting and to see the seedlings growing in the sun.

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New egg cartons for 2012

We have picked 2 new egg carton designs for this year.. Eggs will be available in two different sizes:
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Egg Availability

Our layers are currently cooped-up for the winter season here in the northeastern Pennsylvania. Weather permitting we will have pastured eggs starting in March for our customers in  the Honesdale area.